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Apex Security Group (ASG) is a technology focussed business Installing and maintaining a wide range of security orientated products and services with emphasis on securing people and property.

Electric Fences

It has been said by "NEMTEK" (a globally renowned manufacturer of electric fence products) that the purpose of an electric fence is to "DETER, DETECT and or DELAY access to any would be intruders.

CCTV Systems

CCTV is an acronym for Closed-Circuit Television where video cameras are used to transform images into signals, transmit the signals to control rooms where they are converted back into images, displayed on monitors and recorded for future requirements. This practise is also known as video surveillance.

Alarm Systems

According to the " Dictionary" an Alarm system is a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event.

Access Control

Access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or resource. The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission to access a resource is called authorisation.

Gate Automation

Whether it be a shopping centre, townhouse complex or a private home we can supply and Install Access Automation systems that will only open gates, doors, turnstiles, booms etc. to authorised entrants.

Security Lighting

Is intended to Detect or Deter intrusions and or other criminal activity on a piece of real estate.

Infrared Beams

Infrared beams are simple ways to detect motion. They work in a pair by having a transmitter side that sends out an Infrared beam that is invisible to the human eye and a receiver across the way which is sensitive to that same light.

Intercom Systems

An Intercom provides a mechanism to screen visitors before they are granted access to the property.

About Us

Apex Security Group (ASG) is a SECURITY SYSTEM INSTALLER supplying, installing and maintaining a wide range of security systems, products and services with the emphasis on securing people and property.

We are also registered as electrical contractors with vast experience in constructing new electrical installations and maintaining existing ones.


To provide security systems that are cost effective, keep intruders out and Instil peace of mind.

We will always strive to be Honest, Reliable, Effective and Experts in our field.


Apex Security Group prides itself in securing the perimeters of residential, commercial, Industrial and Agricultural estates.
Since the early days of the Roman Empire, walls and barriers played an important part protecting man’s sovereign territories and properties.
Over time perimeter security evolved rapidly to include more modern technological solutions like ELECTRIC FENCES, INFRA RED BEAMS, CCTV CAMERAS, SECURITY LIGHTING etc. etc.
Perimeter security is designed with the primary purpose to keep intruders out of the area the boundary surrounds.

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Apex Security Group (Pty) Ltd

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Apex Security

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Level 4 Contributor


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Standard Bank Key West Branch

We are registered with the following organisations:

South African Revenue Services - SARS
Unemployment Insurance Fund - UIF
Workers Compensation Fund - COIDA
Department of Labour - Registered Electrical Contractor
Electrical Contractors Association - ECA
Private Security Industry Regulating Authority - PSiRA

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